Hey Everybody, Crowdsale (Phil Maher) is back!

First of all, thanks to everyone I’ve worked with since 2013! It’s been a heck of a time to say the least, I really look forward to connecting with folks in-person one day again.

Let me get right into it…I’ve created a new product that I think is the most needed thing in crypto right now.

Brand Protection! The problem is that too many copy cat and fake sites are ripping off the honest websites by doing stuff like domain name typo and alternative top level domain squatting, (ie taking the .ai of your .io domain name), and many other scams that are hurting us to build trust with people new and old to crypto. We need to take more control of our extremely valuable brands and make sure we are getting people to the correct and official urls, apps, social media pages, etc…always!

Remember in 2014 when all the alt-coin scammers came out using the same qt-wallet code claiming it was the greatest ever? Oh and think back to 2018 when all the scumbags came out of the woodwork for the exit scam ICOs? Same thing is going to happen in 2021, all the desperate worldwide people are going to have even more elaborate ruses to steal from everyone and tarnishing the industry…no moar!

Let’s partner up as this will help us lift all ships once again, now that we have the foresight and resources to cut this off at the pass, let’s do this!

Phil Maher
President – Crowdsale.co

More Here: http://crowdsale.co/brand-protection-marketing-specialist/
Contact Now: http://crowdsale.co/#contact

Posted on February 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

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