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My expertise is derived from 20 years of experience in online marketing, software development, and web-mastering over 350 websites and projects.  This gives me the credibility that other ‘Marketing’ companies lack because I am not just a theorist or teacher…I have real world experience and a live network to keep my finger on the pulse of the online cryptocurrency world.

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Phil Maher

Trusted Online Brand Protection

The problem is that too many copy cat and fake sites are ripping off the honest websites by doing stuff like domain name typo and alternative top level domain squatting, (ie taking the .ai of your .io domain name), and many other scams that are hurting the entry online experience.  We need to take more control of our extremely valuable brands and make sure we are getting people to the correct and official urls.

Solution to How to Protect Your Brand

By controlling the branded keywords across search engines we can help guide new users and old to the correct urls. We bid on your keywords with your brand in it, ie: “Factom” in the major search engines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  This way we can make sure the user finds your official website among the many spam results. 

Here is an Example Ad we would use:

Factom® Official Site
New User Signup Registration

Factom® A new era of trustless global consensus, powered by blockchain technology.

Wanna Work Together? …Next Steps

Contact Us with this info:

  1. Is your referral/affiliate system is private or public?
    1. If private, do you need help setting it up?
  2. What % is your commission and in which currency?
  3. When is the commission payout made? (ie instantly as transaction happens, or at end of specific time-frame)
  4. Your demographic restrictions minimums that must be met and anything else. (ie country restrictions, shipping area, currencies accepted, etc…)

Looking forward to working with you!

Phil Maher 
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