What is a Crowdsale?

A Crowdsale is a new way to use cryptocurrency technology to issue tokens that can represent shares or equity in a company. This is a powerful shift where anyone in the world can trade shares regardless of their wealth or status. For example, in the USA, you can only invest in private companies if you are an ‘Accredited Investor’, which means you are rich and you exclude the rest of the population from ownership.

Cryptocurrency Crowdsales allow an average person to build assets and have ownership, just like the rich have always done. Crowdsales are leveling the playing field and helping the lower class to acquire wealth that will help the entire human species prosper.

Isn’t it about time that we, as humans, all joined together to let everyone have prosperity? Are we that selfish that we can’t let the poor play by the same rules as the rich? Support Crowdsales as a needed change to the system and give everyone a chance to invest any small amount into any idea that they think is great.

“Power to the People, Right On!” – John Lennon



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